Sunday, 1 July 2018

The July Connected is now available!

In this edition Revd. Pete Watson continues our review of the different Services available at St Wilfrid’s by looking at the background and purpose of the Celtic Communion; the freshness, beauty and poetry to the Celtic style liturgies that can engender a rediscovery of old truths, and renew our wonder in the worship of God. Barbara Richardson remembers Marion Baillie who has sadly died, and Tony Service reports on the latest Methodist News. I report on the St Wilfrid’s Summer Fair that took place in glorious weather on Brayton Village Green. We also look forward to the St Wilfrid’s Fashion event to be held at M&Co in Selby, and coincidently St Francis also look forward to their Fashion Event to be held on 17th July in Church. The Brayton MU remembers its Summer Of Hope Appeal, and Lynn Allen makes a plea for used postcards.

The Goole based Home-Start team outline their services ahead of their move into the Selby area. And we pretend that Churchyard Tidying is a form of Mindfulness, which of course it is…

The July Connected can be found here.

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Note that the St Wilfrid’s Picnic will be held on Sunday 8th July,
not the 9th July as stated on page 13. Sorry!