Monday, 4 May 2020

A Hospital Beatitude - Thoughts for today by Dorothy Moore Brooks


A Hospital Beatitude  -  Dorothy Moore Brooks 

Blessed is the compassionate nurse
For he brings a touch of humanity.

Blessed is the devoted physician
For she tends with finely-honed skill.

Blessed is the medical scientist
For he offers hope and new possibilities.

Blessed is the diligent cleaner
For she keeps infection at bay.

Blessed is the empathetic doctor
For he will break bad news with gentleness.

Blessed is the creative play specialist
For she will make the patient smile.

Blessed is the hard-working porter
For he ensures resources are at hand.

Blessed is the insightful psychologist
For she will help us cope on the journey.

Blessed is the nervous student nurse
For he reminds us we still have much to learn.

Blessed is the conscientious social worker
For she notices the one who is struggling.

Blessed is the misunderstood manager
For he will ensure the ends meet.

Blessed is the prayerful chaplain
For she will help carry the pain.

Blessed is the vulnerable patient
For he, or she, is what it is all for.